Guernsey Water Annual Report 2016

Guernsey Water 2016 Annual Report VALUED BY CUSTOMERS 08 annualreport2016 VALUED BY CUSTOMERS Better understand our customers’ needs and experience of our services Make it easier to contact and do business with us Our customers understand, trust and value the quality of all our services and find them affordable 1 Performance Highlights Our priority was to make it much easier for our customers to deal with us. To help achieve this we created our Income and Contact team to deal with billing enquiries and initial customer contact. We also created our Customer Liaison team to manage our relationship with business customers and developers. Customer Liaison acts as a single point of contact for customers with more complicated queries that can’t be resolved when they first get in touch with us; the team takes ownership of these issues and works towards resolution with different teams in Guernsey Water. Feedback from our customers tells us that they are already seeing the benefit of these changes. We also undertook our most comprehensive customer survey to date with feedback on our services from a representative sample of 613 households. The overall results were positive; one in five customers surveyed had contacted us regarding an issue with their household water supply or drainage system and, where we undertook work for them, the average rating they gave for the quality of service was 82%. In terms of overall value for money the average customer rating was 64% although charges were one of the main concerns raised by respondents. Their primary concern was the taste of our drinking water; this is a focal point for our ‘Safe and Good to Drink’ business plan initiatives and we’re pleased to report a 73% reduction in taste and odour complaints last year. Our main focus for 2017 is the introduction of a new customer relationship management system which will allow recording, tracking, monitoring and reporting of customer enquiries. This will give us a comprehensive view of what is important to our customers and, once CASE STUDY Proactive engagement with estate agents Historically it has been difficult to keep as up to date as possible with home occupier information. Our account managers now work proactively with all of the island’s estate agents to ensure that, when Guernsey Water customers move in and out of rental and owned properties, records are as accurate as possible. 73% REDUCTION IN DRINKINGWATER TASTE COMPLAINTS