Guernsey Water Annual Report 2016

Guernsey Water 2016 Annual Report VALUED BY CUSTOMERS annualreport2016 09 linked in to our operational systems, it will enable much more proactive contact with them when needed. Capital Investment Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation of our new CRM system began in 2016 and will be delivered in early 2017. This will allow for recording, tracking, monitoring and reporting of customer contacts. Trend analysis will be developed to address those issues important to our customers in a timely manner. Online developments We are improving our website to make it a more useful and dynamic experience for customers and staff. Metering We continued to install meters for new customers and those that switched to using a meter; the number of customers using meters has increased from 16,954 (66.1%) at the end of 2015 to 17,205 (66.8%) by the end of last year. IT Integration and server renewal Some small scale IT integration was completed that linked Agility, our asset management system, with Navision, our billing and financial management system. This enabled us to calculate the unit cost of treating water which was important for the development of our water treatment strategy - one of our ‘Safe and Good to Drink’ initiatives. We are upgrading our Navision server to SQL and have renewed two servers. Business Performance Timing of bills Ensuring customers receive their bills in a timely manner helps households and businesses manage their budgets. 100% of our bills were issued on time in 2016. Percentage of outstanding debt versus turnover If we don’t manage customer debt effectively it could have an inflationary effect on our prices. It is also important to support those customers who are struggling to pay. Both of these factors are allowed for in our target of 0.5%. During 2016 this percentage was 0.47%which shows there’s a good balance between customer support and debt recovery. Business Initiatives ! 3 5 On Target = Satisfactory progress but not all 2016 tagets met = 2016 targets missed = Business Initiative Description Target Date 2016 Progress Performance Customer Appoint a group of customer 2016 This has been deferred while the governance of all States’ Challenge Group representatives to help develop trading assets is reviewed by the newly established States our customer charter and hold Trading Supervisory Board. us to account Customer Satisfaction Develop a range of quantitative 2016 An initial survey was completed in July 2016 and a wealth of Performance Monitoring and qualitative metrics to help customer feedback was received that’s being used to inform understand the value of our our plans. The survey did not provide an overall measure of services to customers and where customer satisfaction that can be benchmarked against we need to improve. the performance of other businesses. This will be revisited with the Customer Service Institute in 2017. Dedicated Account Assign specific individuals to 2016 Account managers were appointed in the summer of 2016. Managers make it easier for businesses and developers to do business with us. Customer Create a customer-centred team 2016 This new team was appointed in March 2016. Liaison Team to deal with more complex water and wastewater customer issues. Customer Training for all customer-facing 2016 – 2017 Training needs have been identified during performance Experience Training staff to help us make the right appraisals with our staff. A cross-business skills audit has impression first time, every time. also been completed and budget provision made for training in 2017. Benchmark our Service We will share performance against 2016 onwards Engagement with the Customer Service Institute has Against Others our customer satisfaction metrics enabled access to a wide range of metrics and sectors; and learn from the best practice of further work is planned for 2017. other utilities in Guernsey, Jersey and the wider UK water industry. Enhance our Website Continue to update and improve 2016 onwards A new website has been approved and will be launched According to our website to increase the in 2017. Customer’s Needs volume and ease of information and services accessed by our customers. Expand our IT Based We will continue to expand our 2016 onwards Our use of social media has significantly increased with Customer use of social media to inform our staff both reactively and proactively using the facility Communications customers of service disruptions to engage with customers. and of the investment we are making in our services. Focus Groups Appoint a select group of customer 2016 – 2025 Chosen customers will be given training to maximise the representatives to engage with benefit our customers get from this and initial groups will us on specific initiatives proposed be set up in the first quarter of 2017. Initial focus will be in our business plan. on a review of our customer charter and guaranteed service standards. 3 3 3 3 5 ! 3 3 3