Guernsey Water Annual Report 2016

Guernsey Water 2016 Annual Report SAFE AND GOOD TO DRINK annualreport2016 11 treatment works in line with our water treatment strategy to improve the resilience of our drinking water supply. Online water quality monitoring will be progressed in 2017 and focus on conductivity measurements of raw water intakes to our water treatment works (WTW). The security of our sites is important for health and safety and water quality risk management. In 2016 we invested in securing our Brickfield House site and a number of our rawwater storage sites. A review of existing site security at our critical water sites has also started and will continue in 2017. Following the development of a hydraulic model for our water distribution system (see Sufficient and Resilient) we have started developing a preventative maintenance programme of mains flushing. We have over 400km of water mains so it is important for this programme to effectively target potential problem areas at the right time. This work will continue in 2017. In 2016 work on our disinfection strategy was deferred to 2017 to prioritise completion of our drinking water safety plans. Business Performance Water quality compliance Our overall compliance figure for 2016 is 99.91% with 100% compliance for both water treatment works and service reservoirs; for our North and South water distribution zones the compliance was 99.69% and 99.12%, respectively. The distribution failures we saw in 2016 were bacteriological failures at customers’ taps that were traced to a number of factors including poor tap hygiene. In one case historic valve management in our water distribution system caused an area of low flow and reduced chlorine levels; a ‘lessons learned’ review has updated our valve operating procedure. Disinfection by-products also affected distribution compliance although this improved when compared with 2015. Distribution compliance will remain a focus in 2017. Customer contacts Work to minimise customer contacts regarding water quality has progressed well in 2016. By the end of the year we had received a total of 128 water quality-related contacts compared with 227 in 2015. Taste and odour complaints were also significantly reduced with only 45 complaints in 2016 compared to 164 in 2015. Closer monitoring and recovery plans for algal issues played a part in this decrease. Further work will be carried out in 2017 to minimise the impact algae can have on the taste of our water for customers. Business Initiatives ! 3 5 On Target = Satisfactory progress but not all 2016 tagets met = 2016 targets missed = Business Initiative Description Target Date 2016 Progress Performance Robust Risk-based Our sampling regime will provide 2016 – 2017 A robust risk based sampling programme investigation Compliance Sampling our regulator with transparent, was completed and is in place for 2017. This will be quality-assured water quality externally audited in 2017. performance information. It will also be externally audited by a UK Regulator. Contingency and We will continue to develop and 2016 – 2018 Emergency plans have been produced and are in the Emergency Planning test our emergency response process of being agreed with our regulator; exercises and contingency plans to are planned for 2017 that will test these plans. minimise possible impacts on our customers. Drinking Water Source-to-tap water quality risks 2016 – 2020 Drinking Water Safety Plans were in place by the end Safety Planning will be identified and managed of 2016. through Drinking Water Safety Planning in line with the UK water industry. Quality Assurance Our operational policies and 2016 onwards Working towards continuous improvement via a procedures will be developed in quality management system that is now under consultation with the Office of development. A plan is in place for 2017 that focusses Environmental Health and on our operational procedures. Pollution Regulation. We will apply the principles of continuous improvement and seek accreditation for our quality management system. Develop and Deliver Our strategy will address current 2016 – 2018 We attained board approval for our strategy which would a Water Treatment and future water quality risks refurbish our Juas WTW and decommission our Longue Strategy and determine the optimum Hougue WTW. Detailed design and delivery will operational strategy for our WTW. commence in 2017. 3 3 3 3 !