Guernsey Water Annual Report 2016

Guernsey Water 2016 Annual Report SUFFICIENT AND RESILIENT 16 annualreport2016 SUFFICIENT AND RESILIENT Performance Highlights Our priority was to develop a long- term water resource strategy for the island and phase 1 of this work is complete. This means we now understand the level of protection from drought we can provide for our customers and how to deal with drought when it occurs. Phase 2 will assess in more detail the feasibility of our drought management plan. However, because of our recent investment in water collection, 2016 was another year without the need for drought measures and there were no water use restrictions. We have also developed a surface water management policy for the long-term adaptation of our drainage systems to climate change. As there is so much uncertainty regarding how long it will take climate change to really impact us, we will gradually progress this and adjust our pace of investment as uncertainty reduces. Capital Investment Raw water mains refurbishment We have commenced the lining of the raw water transfer main between Longue Hougue and Juas storage reservoirs. We are using an innovative spray lining method which is largely a ‘no dig’ technique to keep costs down and minimise disruption. It’s a new technique and the work has been slower than we originally planned. However, because of the strength of the material used it can be applied in a thinner layer saving an estimated £380k in comparison to conventional spray lining and £1m in comparison to pipe replacement. Water supply mains replacement This ongoing programme has lined or replaced 3.11km of water mains this year. 1.77km of asbestos cement mains are included within these figures as we continue to target Develop long-term strategies for water resources and drainage Invest in the resilience of our critical assets Plan to be ready for emergencies Our water and wastewater systems are adapted to climate change and have sufficient capacity to meet the future needs of our island 5 CASE STUDY Drought Planning Our water resource and drought management plan assesses the island’s water needs until 2040. It looks at the impact of drought on our water reserves and how to reduce water demand and increase supply as drought intensifies. It identifies three action levels; hosepipe restrictions would be introduced at level 2 and, on average, customers could expect this once every 20 years. 2016 was another year without water use restrictions. St Saviour’s reservoir during the drought of 1976 ZERO NO RESTRICTIONS ON WATER USE IN 2016